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Healthy oils in the diet prevent dry skin.
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Many vegetables, including spinach, yams and garlic, contain small amounts of "good" fats. Seeds and nuts contain substantial amounts of fats eliciting fear in many. But fear not. Nuts (except peanuts which are not really nuts) contain healthy monounsaturated oil and vitamin E (another oil). Seeds and nuts (in moderation -- they are high in calories) should be part of every healthy diet.

Avoiding "bad" fat remains difficult where every checkout counter displays candy, cookies and chips and where TV ads expound the satisfying virtues of junk food. But, be reminded that good fats are tasty, too. Just one tablespoon of ground flaxseed sprinkled on your cereal or low fat yogurt has 2 grams of EFAs1 and a delicious nutty flavor. A few nuts sprinkled in your pancake or waffle batter provide unsaturated oil and a tasty crunch as well. And if you haven't tried spinach and garlic lightly sautéed in olive oil, you're missing a healthy and satisfying treat. §

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Other sources of
GOOD fats

cod liver oil
walnut oil
borage oil
wild yam extract
grape seed oil
evening primrose oil



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