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ADHD and MS have been attributed to Fat deficiencies.
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  Telling "Good" from "Bad" Fat Cont.

Common sense tells us that nature has provided us with the means to digest fats also created by nature.1 In fact, our bodies produce enzymes specifically designed to break down specific fats. The hydrogenation process removes the double bonds that our body needs. It also may make the fat unrecognizable to the body like trans-fatty acids.

Ironically, because the body cannot readily use saturated and trans-fatty acids, the typical junk food consumer, with his diet full of fat, may actually be deficient in fat! Some believe that this deficiency may lead to fat cravings, thus creating a vicious cycle of eating more and more of the wrong fats, ultimately leading to poor health and/or obesity.

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Common Foods that contain hydrogenated fats
snacks: chips, crisps, etc.
salad dressings
chocolate bars

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